By completing this request for a quote/in-home visit and voluntarily providing your personal information, you consent to the collection and use of such information by us only for the purposes of responding to your request and assisting with the in-home sales appointment for purchase/lease of any HVAC, water treatment or air treatment products you have scheduled. For greater certainty, you have initiated contact and requested and authorized Ontario Green Savings to attend your house to explain its purchase/lease programs.

Vision & Impact

We believe in making high-efficiency upgrades affordable for middle to low-income families while helping consumers have a positive impact on our community and environment.

By qualifying for the program you join the million tree challenge, you’ll be part of a global network of eco-conscious businesses giving back, restoring forests, and making a huge impact on the environment.

Reduced Energy consumption means reduced carbon emissions


We take sustainability seriously and Ontario Green Savings strives to be a good citizen when it comes to environmental and social responsibility. We have so far reduced emissions equivalent to planting over 300,000 trees or equivalent to 4,500 acres of green space. Each equipment installed is equivalent to 100 trees planted. **

An individual application of a cost neutral program leads to emission reduction equivalent to planting 30 trees over the lifespan of the equipment.

Cost Neutral


An Ontario Green Savings Consultant will conduct an energy assessment and upon the completion will determine your qualification for the cost-neutral program.

If the savings calculated during the assessment are greater than the rental payment associated with the program then you will be eligible for the COST NEUTRAL upgrade.

The consultants may assist you in receiving any other utility or provincial rebates or incentives that you are qualified for.

No Upfront Cost, Free service and maintenance ($6500 – $8500 service)

FREE Installation and Removal of Old Equipment (Approximately $1000)

You can take advantage of available provincial Rebates and Credits

Why choose a cost-neutral program instead of buying outright?


The Cost Neutral Program provides Parts, Labour, Manufacturer’s warranty, annual maintenance, and protection that usually costs up to $50/month all for FREE. However, if you buy the equipment, you must pay for all these fees separately which can add up to over $5,000 over the next 10 years.


The Cost Neutral Program waives the installation, removal and the fuel conversion fees. Buying an equipment means that you are responsible for all those fees of up to $3,000.


You could be qualified under Lines 33099 and 33199 for eligible medical expenses you can claim on your tax return. This allows you to be reimbursed for payments if you have any medical conditions.

Check with you local utility for energy-saving rebates before starting any renovations.

Enbridge Gas’ Home Efficiency Rebate

Save money now
Get up to $5,000 back for making energy-saving home upgrades.

Save money later
Use less energy and save up to 20% on your energy bill every year.

Boost your home’s value
Improving your windows, insulation and more makes your home more attractive to buyers.

When you complete energy-saving improvements you’ll do more than make your home more comfortable. You’ll see the difference it makes for years to come.

Visit their webpage to learn more

Enbridge Gas

Save $75 instantly on a qualifying smart thermostat from Enbridge Gas. Get your discount code before you buy. Visit their webpage to learn more

it reduced my utility bills... thanks Ontario Green Savings
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Was skeptical at first but they explained everything thoroughly and I like how innovative the products are!
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My daughter has this smart thermostat installed in her home she loves it!
Julia henry
17:30 15 Jan 20
quick and easy the technician was very polite.
Michael Monroe
16:32 10 Jan 20
Got a furnace installed and was given a free thermostat. It was a qualification based and they said there is only a select few that get accepted. simple process but you need to work with them to get the best program
Jason Pham
19:23 28 Dec 19
My experience has been great and everyone I have come into contact with has been professional and helpful.
Chantal Wade
15:59 24 Dec 19
I couldn’t have been happier with their service. Amazing group of people to deal with ,extremely friendly and the gentleman was extremely helpful. He went into detail and made sure I understood everything before signing anything and what helped the most is that they went the extra mile for me. Keep up the good work guys!!!
Ali Elharake
18:44 22 Dec 19
Amazing products!!! Outstanding customer service !!! Highly recommended
Breanne Kirkness
19:39 18 Dec 19
Will definitely be enjoying the new smart home products in my home. Not only am I impressed with the products, but the customer service was outstanding. They thoroughly helped me with all of my questions and concerns. Highly recommend!
Emma McCallum
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The representative was extremely helpful and professional! Would highly recommend!
jack frost
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Loved their quick service! I love my new smart thermostat!!!
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Great service! Jamar came by and helped me get my smart thermostat really quickly. The techs were clean and efficient. Definitely reccomend!
Cooper Hall
15:50 12 Dec 19
I was very pleased with the whole experience of going through this program, from the assessment meeting to the install of a new high efficiency 2 stage furnace and Nest thermostat just couple days after by 2 very professional technicians who did a pretty amazing and clean job.
Wilson Murillo
17:43 27 Oct 19
At first I was quite skeptical, but then Tristan came to my house for the apt and explained everything in great detail. He was extremely patient with all my questions and had technicians here the very next day. Over all a great experience and I would highly recommend to anyone looking to improve their home efficiency.
Katie McAleer
15:41 24 Oct 19
Travis was awesome to deal with as well as the technician who did the installation. I am pleased with the products that were installed thank you!!
Tina Mascarin
16:40 27 Sep 19
We contacted them for their free install of the Nest thermostat in our home. We are very satisfied with the fast friendly service and product. Installer was knowledgeable, efficient and patient when showing us how to use product. Definitely a team of great professionals who have kept their word so far. Hopefully the savings will be as they say.
Pam Dawson
02:00 19 Sep 19
Really impressed with this company. They replaced our furnace, after a day of the initial appointment. The guys who fitted the furnace were very efficient and very polite. Very impressed overall and would definately recommend them.
Nathan Astbury
01:19 10 Jul 19
The best thing I ever did was to get a Smart Thermostat. I had read quite a bit about it at Ontario Green Savings. So along with my wife we decided to give it a try, not only to help the environment, but to save money as well. Thank You Ontario Green Savings For The Smart Advise!!
Piero Giorno
04:49 11 Jun 19
The best thing I ever did was to get a Smart Thermostat. I had read quite a bit about it at Ontario Green Savings. So along with my wife we decided to give it a try, not only to help the environment, but to save money as well. Thank You Ontario Green Savings For The Smart Advise!!
Piero Giorno
02:20 09 Jun 19
The Ontario Green Savings representative was very knowledgeable and professional. His visit was very efficient and helpful. Highly recommend looking into this.
Jennifer Piper
20:10 28 May 19
Great experience. Fast, efficient and affordable. The representatives were awesome to deal with and made everything very easy to understand. Definitely would recommend.
Loic Roy
12:00 28 May 19
I was browsing on Facebook and saw the ad about the thermostat. I submitted the application and got a call within minutes. I was a bit hesitant but ended up booking the appointment and met with the energy consultant who explained why I could qualify for the thermostat but then offered an upgrade on my air conditioner. Next day we had both the thermostat and the ac installed. Very neat and punctual company.
David Allen
11:57 28 May 19
Fantastic! Got the free Nest installed and also signed up for another efficiency upgrade to a tankless. A special thank u to Geoff. He was professional, incredible helpful.. perfect in every way! Great customer service!
Arthur Reid
11:53 28 May 19
Thomas was very pleasant, helpful and respectful. He was very knowledgeable and was able to answer any questions we had about the free thermostat. We are very happy with how everything was handled.
Adam Brown
11:50 28 May 19
Jay is extremely knowledgeable and very friendly. He explained everything in detail. Thanks for sending him to install the free nest and do the energy audit. he recommended some efficiency upgrades that we are going to also do with them.
Zac Noore
04:59 27 May 19
The tech (Alex) who came to my house was very kind and professional. He installed the Nest Co2/Smoke Alarm and a free thermostat and was very polite and explained every thing clearly before installing the unit, offered to give us a run down on how the unit works, and also suggested us what we should look in the future for upgrading wise. Highly recommend Ontario Green savings. 🙂
Nolan Bells
04:58 27 May 19
someone informed me about this company's promotion about the thermostat. when I spoke to them they said I need to complete a free assessment and if my existing HVAC is compatible then I get the nest for free. Roman, the service technician was very friendly and informative please send him again next time. Roman did an amazing job in explaining things and was prompt with answering questions. Thank you.
Theo Wong
04:55 27 May 19
1. My friend called and said to call Ontario green and get registered for a thermostat. They came to my home in Mississauga and completed their efficiency check... turns out my air conditioner was not up to code and they installed one for me with no upfront cost. and since i did that i could get the nest thermostat too. Easy company to deal with.
Adam Lee
04:43 27 May 19
I wanted a waterproof camera for surveillance purpose in my backyard. I explained my requirements to the personnel at Ontario Green Savings who showed be Nest Cam IQ, it is a powerhouse of brains. I must say they know what product is best for the customers.
Rick Roberts
17:24 10 Apr 19
Danni was extremely courteous, patient & thorough in his explanations.Much appreciate the time he spent on helping us out!!Definitely went above & beyond
Nova Lee
16:14 31 Mar 19
With the spring season just around the corner, I know it will be a matter of time before our 3-year-old starts to cough and wheeze. Last year, we rent the New High Efficiency Air Treatment System by Ontario Green Savings. We saw a huge improvement in the quality of life for our boy. This year we fully intend to renew our contract with them.
Mauricio Stewart
18:13 19 Mar 19
How I got to know Ontario Green Savings I can't remember but one thing I am for sure is that they have never failed me and I have enjoyed every single engagement I have had with them. To be precise, I recently bought their very efficient air conditioner (because it summer!!) and everyone in the house likes it including my husband who does like much stuff!!! It doesn't make much noise, it is indeed very silent and cost efficient too. I would highly recommend Ontario Green Savings to anyone out there without second guessing.
Joan Kinya
05:52 19 Mar 19
I have heard a lot about the Nest Home Products and decided to install that at my apartment too. Fortunately, I came across Ontario Green Savings when I called Nest. These guys are actually amazing and well-trained to install the products swiftly at my house. Gotta love their services a lot.
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11:25 18 Mar 19
I am really happy to state that there are some companies who actually take care of you and the environment you live in. I decided to hire Ontario Green Savings for thermostat installation at my place, and I am very content with their exceptional service. The staff is very consumer friendly and they were polite in offering the gist and insight about the thermostat.
Logan Tremblay
14:03 08 Mar 19
It was quite late that I realized that the thermostat at my house was now good for nothing. I had to replace that with a new one quite early. Then I contacted the Ontario Green Savings. The professionals are exactly the ones you would want to be in touch with. The installation process was quick and this amazing product is saving me almost $60 every month.
Liam Smith
13:49 08 Mar 19
I never write reviews but this is a Great company really helpful people, got some great services from these guys and there customer service was extremly amazing. They do a follow up every year to see if i have any issues ! Recommend this company to anyone!
Mahdi Bawab
20:21 28 Feb 19
Because we moved to a new residential location, I ordered the smart home program from Ontario Green Savings. Their program is the most functional smart home solution, I could ask them for. I have really liked the product that they offered. Also, they’re very quick to apply for rebates. highly recommended!
Khushbu Khowala
15:11 24 Feb 19
I have got the comfort home system installed with Ontario Green Savings recently at my place, and I am very happy to share my experience, dealing with these experts. They offer top-notch services and products and are a pro in resting down all the questions you have in mind. Genius work and exceptionally recommended services.
surbhi goel
11:06 24 Feb 19
I used their thermostat. It was easy to install and user-friendly. If you are looking for best and top-notch service, then I will recommend you Ontario Green Savings. They are serving what they are saying. I appreciate their customer service.
Ayesha khan
17:22 22 Feb 19
Upgrading my entire home and I heard about Nest smart home products, but didn’t know who to call. I spoke directly to the guys at Nest and they recommended me Ontario Green Savings. Good service and nice prices.
James Madisson
03:06 22 Feb 19
The product they offer is very well known between consumers which makes it easy to market Ontario Green Savings programs. They are associated with bigger brand names which help them a lot.The home comfort system has totally changed the atmosphere in our home. Now we can stay cool and keep the heat on for less.
Eternal life
05:45 20 Feb 19
Bought Home lock from Ontario Green Saving.Exceedingly recommended!The installation was done speedily and professionally. The agents were civil and responded all my inquiries. Couldn't ask for more than this! Keep up the amazing work!!!
Ali syed
22:40 18 Feb 19
Ontario Green Savings is an amazing company. I have nothing but good things to say about them. I had many questions and they were more than willing to answer them and take the time to help me understand what everything does. They came and the installation went smoothly.
Jillian Robinson
22:01 18 Feb 19
The home comfort system has totally changed the atmosphere in our home. Now we can stay cool and keep the heat on for less. Hopefully the savings will be much more in the long run.
Ritchie Holmes
21:12 18 Feb 19
Great looking.We dealt with Ontario Green Savings a few months ago. They were professional. Love the Illuminated ring that lights the way in the dark. The Nest Protect self checks as you get ready for bed and the ability to test and get notifications on my mobile are great too. Customer rep Jason was very responsive and helpful.
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04:12 14 Feb 19
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