Ontario Green Savings Reviews

Reviews are the public feedback about how each business conducts it’s practises and we are pioneering our programs that allow us to collect as many reviews as possible in a short period of time.

Business Review Profiles

Our company has business review profiles with Google, Homestars, Facebook and Glassdoor and has always maintained a near 5 Star review ratings. We have achieved that by managing customer complaints and disputes as our priority and continue to thrive for customer satisfaction. Ontario Green Savings BBB profile can be found on their website and can include more information about customer complaints and reviews. Ontario Green Savings have yet to be Accredited by the Better Business Bureau. BBB helps resolve disputes with service and business providers but considering the level of Ontario Green’s customer satisfaction there is no need for a 3rd party involvement. Please note that Ontario Green Savings Scam Prevention Program is designed to ensure fairness in the marketplace for all customers.

Top Ontario Green Profiles & Business Review Websites

Review Website Number of reviews Star Rating
Google My Business 2500+ 4.5 Stars
Facebook 50+ 4.8 Stars
HomeStars 10+ 10/10 Stars
Glassdoor 10+ 4.7 Stars

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Top Ontario Green Profiles & Business Review Websites

Review Website Number of reviews Star Rating
Google My Business 1100+ 4.6 Stars
Facebook 50+ 4.8 Stars
HomeStars 10+ 10/10 Stars
Glassdoor 10+ 4.7 Stars

How Ontario Green Savings Online Reviews are utilized?

While the control of online reviews lies largely in the hands of past and potential customers, there are still several ways we use these reviews to ensure optimal implementation. Below are four key ways we leverage our online business reviews.

Brand Exposure

Prior to the internet, people would rave or complain about businesses via word-of-mouth. Today, this word-of-mouth concept has carried over into customer reviews that increase our company’s visibility. Not only do good reviews reflect positively on our products and service, but they also help improve search engine optimization (SEO) of our business by creating unique, up-to-date content on an ongoing basis for Ontario Green Savings Reviews.

Identify keywords for your products and services

By tracking the common words customers use to describe your products and services with the help of Google Search Console and implementing these keywords into your product positioning, keyword targeting, tags, and content creation, we significantly improve how our brand ranks on an array of different search platforms.

Improve your brand with customer feedback

Reviews are priceless ways to take advantage of customer feedback and increase sales. Furthermore, we also use these reviews to quickly identify and solve product issues, analyze patterns, determine what customers talk about so we can deliver more of it, and keep improving operational efficiency.

Key takeaways for Ontario Green Savings Reviews:

Customer reviews can be priceless tools for establishing our brand. When leveraged properly, online reviews can increase brand exposure, boost SEO positioning, encourage positive feedback, and make customers feel valued and appreciated while ensuring that Ontario Green Savings Scam Prevention guidelines are followed.

Home Comfort Services

It can mean different things to different people. What it means to us is always ensuring your home and business are just the way you like it. Cool when it’s hot outside. Warm when it’s cold outside. And with all the hot water you need to keep your day running smoothly.

Ontario Green Savings is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and is a consortium of companies operating in multiple home comfort industries. Ontario Green Savings is focused on investing in long-life, high-quality real assets across Green Tech, Smart Home, renewable power and private equity. We invest in businesses that form the backbone of the global economy, supporting the endeavors of individuals, corporations worldwide. Ontario Green is one of Canada’s largest home and commercial services and energy solutions companies. Ontario Green is a leading provider of water heaters, water treatment, furnaces, air conditioners and other HVAC rental products, plumbing services, protection plans and related services. With operations in Canada, OGS serves approximately 8,500 customers annually.Proudly Canadian, we keep thousands of customers comfortable every day. It’s all about the wellness of your home and business – and it’s what we do.

Ontario Green Savings Review Management

At Ontario Green Savings we employ a series of strategies to promote positive relationships between our existing clients and the company. We are committed to consistent communication between customers and our review team to ensure that the voice of our customers is being heard. We have used services such as Trustpilot to assist customers when leaving reviews. These reviews are collected and the feedback is passed on to management for implementation.

Ontario Green Savings Complaints

Being one of the fastest growing startup companies in 2019 has been achieved by an extreme growth rate that our executive team has been able to accomplish. Having nearly reached 35,000 new applicants through all of our cost neutral programs comes with its own pros and cons. We serviced nearly 33,000 applicants as fast as we could and unfortunately there were some applicants outside of our service area that we were unable to accommodate. This may have led to a small number of complaints being lodged against Ontario Green Savings which virtually all have been completely resolved and customer’s have received a satisfactory outcome. We engage in multiple mediation conferences with each customer after a complaint is lodged. As previously stated Ontario Green is built on customer satisfaction and will continue its growth in the markets that it serves.

Our complaint management system is consistent of multiple levels that all work towards reaching a mutually agreeable solution with the customers. We always consider the customers’ needs before the need of the corporation and because of that we have reached over 2,000 reviews on public websites.

Ontario Green Savings TSSA registered profile

Ontario Green Savings Profile maintains a valid license with TSSA at all times of operation. The Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) promotes and enforces public safety. It’s their vision to be a valued authority for a safer Ontario and Ontario Green Savings is aiming to reach the exact same goal with TSSA.

For more information and detailed analysis on the state of safety compliance, please view TSSA’s Annual Safety Performance Reports.

100 KING ST W UNIT 5700
M5X 1C7

Contract Number: 309382
Expiry Date: 1/10/2021
Fuels Safety Registration – Heating Fuels Contractor

Your rights as a consumer under the CPA

In Ontario, many of your rights as a consumer are set out by the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) and other consumer protection legislation that cover the most common consumer transactions.

Review your rights if you feel that you’ve been wronged by a business. It’s the first step before you can file a complaint with the business or with the ministry.

Cooling-off period

You have a cooling-off period (a specific number of days during which you can cancel an agreement without reason or penalty) when you sign contracts:

  • for a product or service you buy from a door-to-door salesperson (also called a direct agreement)
  • to pay in advance to join a fitness club or gym (also called a personal development contracts)
  • to buy a newly-built condo (under the Condominium Act)
  • to get a payday loan (under the Payday Loans Act)
  • to purchase a timeshare

You can cancel the contract anytime within the cooling-off period by writing a cancellation letter to the business. Any agreements you made with the purchase, like financing plans, will also be cancelled.

If the contract was for a product, they are responsible for picking up the product or paying for it to be picked up if they want it back.

Our Vision and Pillars

Canadian Safety Standards stands by its vision to be the gold standard in retail energy delivering stability, value and innovation in every customer, shareholder, employee and community relationship. Our vision serves as the framework for every aspect of our business.  Value – Striving to deliver the highest satisfaction and greatest benefit to every customer shareholder, employee and community partner.  Stability – Ensuring we consistently deliver dependable, predictable products and service, reliable investor return and a strong commitment to the community.  Innovation – Challenging ourselves daily to explore forward-thinking solutions and progressive options to deliver gold standard products and services.

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